— September 16, 2020

McLaren to continue recruiting top-level talent with new state-of-the-art health campus

When it comes to any profession, the right training matters. That’s why McLaren Greater Lansing’s Graduate Medical Education (GME) program works to help the next generation of physicians hone their skills as they complete residency and fellowship.

McLaren’s new $600 million state-of-the-art health care campus was designed from the ground up with the involvement of the hospital’s staff and physicians, and it shows in the new advancements and amenities for resident physicians included in the new Medical Services Building.

The new GME spaces in the Medical Services Building feature expanded classrooms and advanced simulation and anatomy labs along with an expanded lounge and sleep rooms for resident physicians.

“The resident call rooms were strategically placed to keep them in a calm and quiet area, while being mere steps away from the service elevators to get them to the clinical areas,” said Anatol Tolchinsky, PhD, LP, McLaren Greater Lansing Director of Medical Education. “The lounge will provide our residents with entertainment, food, and exercise equipment to help them feel at home and allow them to keep up with their personal wellness goals.” The program at McLaren Greater Lansing is already home to more than 100 residents across nine programs, and when the new facilities open in early 2022 they will only strengthen the recruiting and retention of top-level talent to mid-Michigan.

“This is the first medical site I have ever worked in where GME is truly front and center whereas typically it is treated as an afterthought,” said Dr. Tolchinsky. “This really speaks to how much McLaren Greater Lansing values our department and the residents and fellows who dedicate their time and energy toward their training and the care of our patients.”

Along with GME, McLaren’s new medical services building will be home to advanced ambulatory care services including endoscopy services and a comprehensive heart and vascular center with direct cath lab access.