— October 27, 2020

New health care campus offers new frontiers in heart and vascular care

When it comes to your health, having the right experts around you can make all the difference. That’s why the cutting-edge heart and vascular center at McLaren Greater Lansing’s new $600 million health care campus is being built with a team approach in mind.

“We see heart patients who are facing multiple health issues at one time, which we call comorbidities,” said Divyakant Gandhi, MD, FACS, FRCS, McLaren Greater Lansing Cardiothoracic Surgeon. “Patients are living longer because of better lifestyles, but when there is more than one health problem it can make it more challenging to manage.”

When it opens in early 2022, McLaren’s new medical services building will bring together teams of specialists into a single space, allowing for close collaboration at a moment’s notice.

“For some heart patients there are multiple treatment options,” said Dr. Gandhi. “Some can be treated with medication alone, while others may need stents or surgery. To come to a decision about this you need collaboration of multiple specialties, and that’s where the new heart and vascular center is extremely beneficial because we can interact with other physicians from other specialties to get their opinions.”

Dr. Gandhi says this ability for close collaboration can also mean fewer visits to the doctor for some patients. “Referring patients to multiple physicians for certain problems can delay management,” said Dr. Gandhi. “The new spaces will allow us to interact with each other, potentially in the same day, so we have a good understanding of what a patient’s management options would be. That makes a big difference.”

McLaren’s new campus was designed from the ground up with direct input of the surgeons, physicians, and care staff who will utilize the spaces every day. The new operating rooms are considerably larger, and staff feedback was used in determining the final placement of items such as equipment boom surgical lights.