— January 7, 2021

Local workers power McLaren’s new health care project

The future of health care is being built in Lansing, thanks to the talents of hundreds of local workers and dozens of contractor companies based in Michigan.

McLaren Greater Lansing’s commitment to partnering with local resources to build their new, state-of-the-art hospital, medical services building, and cancer center is so strong that at times, more than 80% of the people working on the project have been from the local area.

Long before the first shovels hit dirt at the job site, McLaren was going above and beyond to ensure the greater Lansing workforce was a major part of the $600 million project. In fact, requests for proposals required companies to outline their staffing plans, including how they would find local workers. For specialized companies outside the area to be considered, McLaren asked that they partner with local companies and hire local workers whenever possible.

“There are qualified people everywhere, but we want to bring in local tradespeople to give back to the community that we’ve always called home,” said Austin Holcomb, director of facilities at McLaren Greater Lansing. “The people working on this site may be using these spaces in the future to receive health care for themselves and their families, which makes it even more of a special project and gives them an even greater sense of pride in the work they’re doing to help people for generations to come.”

When complete, McLaren’s comprehensive health care campus will be home to more than 1,000 physicians, researchers, educators and other members of the academic and medical team. The facilities will open in early 2022.